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Why you should consider an automatic container and tank cleaning machine?

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Basca Washing Machine offers the right solution to the problem of containers, IBC's, drums, bins, totes and tank cleaning, in numerous industries. A wide range of accessories has been developed to fulfill any cleaning need, both for the small user and the large enterprise, in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

Consider that...

The manual cleaning operation of container, IBC's, drums, bins, totes, and tanks are first of all unhealthy for the operator (besides the adoption of gloves, masks, and other personal protection equipment), are difficult to manage due strict laws and regulations about safety risks, are time consuming for the operators, a waste of cleaning agents (solvent, or water and detergents), and consequently a waste of money for companies all around the world. These indicators should already make you think that manual cleaning operations are unsustainable even for companies with small quantities of containers or tanks to clean.

Basca Washing Machines are safe, economic (limited investment and running costs) and effective. The operator just loads the containers, IBC's, drums, bins, totes, and tanks, selects the cleaning program on the touch screen and starts the Basca Washing Machine, then he can use his time for more profitable tasks. Meanwhile, the Basca Washing Machine will accurately perform different cleaning cycles, depending on the configuration of the machine.

Industries... Our Washing Units provide a solution to optimize and reduce the time of washing, suitable for:

- Paints and coating

- Inks

- Adhesives

- Cosmetics

- Ecology & recycling

- Masterbatches

- Pharmaceutics

- Oils

- food and petfood

- Organic products

- and much more...

Are you in for a solution to clean your tanks or containers? Rate the efficiency of your cleaning operations: we will give you an effective solution to improve it immediately.



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