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Who we are?

Basca is an innovative company aiming to make your container and tank cleaning process enviro-friendly and more sustainable.

What we do?

Cleaning equipment for industrial tanks and containers, automatically integrated with effluent treatment systems.

Why we do this?

There are a million reasons, here are the most important for us...

  • Manual cleaning is not sustainable and unsafe for workers;

  • We care about the environment and want to do something to reduce waste and pollution; 

  • You probably spend a lot of money on washing fluids and waste disposal, spend a lot of time and energy and do not get the results you expect.

How can Basca help you?

Basca offers complete consultancy service, starting by performing specific cleaning test, installing a Basca Washing Machine, improving your cleaning cycle with specific accessories and providing you with ETS - Effluents Treatment Systems to improve even further the sustainability of your cleaning process. If you already own a Basca Washing machine or a third party washing machine or ETS we can provide you with upgrade solutions and a whole range of spare parts with a best price guaranteed policy.

Basca Value Chain.PNG

Basca Techno-Philosofy

  • Low & High pressure

We don't waste your energy and resources, we give you the right pressure to clean your containers.

  • Modularity design

Washing needs might change, Basca modularity allows the machines to adapt to your requirements.​

  • Compact layout

Space is an issue, we limit this with a clean and ordered layout to improve productivity and safety.

  • Plug and play installation

Simple is better and this start when your machine arrives at your factory.

  • Human Machine Interface

Because humans are not simple, but machines can!​

  • Industry 4.0 ready

State of the art cleaning solutions can be integrated to a much bigger plan.


  • Reduce the environmental impact generated by the cleaning of reusable containers for transport, storage or production of chemical components, by reducing the use of water and solvents used for washing and waste generated by washing.

  • Make sure that the washing operations are safe and less inconvenient for the operators that are involved in the washing of the containers that contain harmful chemicals.

  • Create a product that is accessible to companies, allowing them to automate the washing process, saving on operating costs, waste disposal and improving the quality of their production.

  • Develop an innovative product that allows, thanks to its features, to meet most of the market's needs, supporting research and development of technologies for the environment.

Basca vs manual washing

Washing machines bring different advantages and benefits in many ways compared to a manual wash, here is a non exhaustive list:

  • Improvement of the washing process

Ex. With the machine we guarantee: less time, less consumption and better and more reliable quality. The washing procedures can be inserted into the company quality system.

  • Regulations related to the safety of operators at the workplace

Ex. Health risk of exposure of operators to chemicals and solvents
Ex. Risk of accidents due to manual washing (slipping, poor ergonomic positions, etc.)
Ex. Increasing the safety and well being of the operator will result in a consequent improvement in the quality of the workplace which will no longer be dirty and dangerous, presumably also reducing the turnover of the departmental resources.

  • Regulations related to environmental safety

Ex. Council Directive 1999/13 / EC of 11 March 1999 on the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds due to the use of organic solvents in certain activities and in certain plants. (Http://
Ex. Policies of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce the efficiency of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. (Https://

  • Need to reduce unskilled labor

Ex. For manual washing of a container it is necessary to use a dedicated operator for an average time period of 10 to 60 minutes (container movement in the area of ​​washing + washing + replacing container in the delivery area + operations related to the management of liquids and washing instruments). With an automatic washing machine it is necessary to use the operator for about 2 minutes (container loading + start cycle + unloading container + maintenance and operations related to the presence of the machines), for an average cycle of 2-5 minutes the operator does needs to supervise the machine. We will therefore have a reduction of about 80% of the time dedicated to washing.
Ex. Saturation of work capacity: a person can not wash more than 12-15 containers a day, for companies that need to wash higher quantities, the machine will reduce the labor force by 100% while avoiding adding resources to operations washing. Only one operator can drive the machine, which will have a "productive" capacity of at least 30-40 containers in 8 hours.

  • Economic need to reduce the waste produced

Ex. In manual washing operations, an average of 100-150l of water and 5-10l of solvent are used to wash 1 container. With the use of the washing machine, with recirculation function (water or solvent), the consumption is reduced to about 15-20l of water and 1-3l of solvent. The amount of waste produced is therefore reduced between 70% to 90% with an Ecological and Economic benefit (reduction of disposal costs).


  • Economic need for the reduction of the washing fluid in purchase

Ex. As described above, thanks to a reduction in consumption of 70-90%, the costs of buying washing liquids (water or solvent) will also be reduced in the same way.

  • Increased washing quality

Ex. Manual washing is closely linked to the operator and his ability, which is not always repeatable or constant over time. The machine guarantees a uniform and constant quality free from the skills of the individual (specially on the washing department, where the turnover is high due to the type of unhealthy work).

  • Industry 4.0

Ex. The automatic machines, equipped with data exchange systems, can be integrated into the company information system for plant diagnostics, control and measurement of production levels.

Basca vs other automated washing machines

Basca washing machines are design knowing industry issues and competitors proposition to market, in order to incorporate the advantages and to correct missing features requested by companies and their operators:

• Modularity

The modular machine concept meets the needs of customers who are looking for a solution that is suitable for the current conditions but which can be adapted to future changes like:

  • increase in number of containers to be washed;

  • entry of new types of containers;

  • budget needs;

  • needs for implementation or complete change of washing line;

  • addition of options over time as a result of use and knowledge of the basic machine;

  • change of regulations.

  • Care in design

The Basca washing machine design is designed to group the machine components inside a defined perimeter (reducing the overall dimensions), to facilitate installation and transport operations, to improve the order and cleaning of the washing area and to provide an aesthetically pleasing machine.

  • Functionality

Easy and safe handling thanks to the forklift system for forklifts that allows the reduction of handling times, loading/unloading, installation and maintenance, increasing the safety of the various operations. Other competitors do not take care of this aspect: it is necessary to disassemble the machine or to move it in an unsafe manner (use of ropes as it is not possible to access directly with a forklift)

"Plug & Play" machines that are easy to install and reduce their costs


  • Washing tests and consulting 

According to the type of product washing tests will be carried out to establish:

  • qualitative standard to use as a reference (what the customer has to expect from the machine);

  • washing times and quality;

  • procedures to be followed;

  • Suitable machine configuration (type of pump and recommended options) to optimize consumption and achieve the required production quota;

  • Identification of the suitable washing media;

  • Possibility to carry out washing tests with Basca machine at the customer's site.

  • Service


  • Scheduled service packages;

  • Defined spare parts and upgrades with certain prices;

  • "On-line" support and remote assistance also thanks to step-by-step video tutorials that allow the customer to perform maintenance activities.

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