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Through our whole range of products we can provide you a complete solution for a sustainable cleaning of your industrial tanks and containers



Washing Machine

The best solution for cleaning IBC's (plastic or metallic) and mixing tanks. Developed with a modular design, Basca washing machine can be configured to your specific needs, and even upgrade if your production grows or changes over time. Basca washing machine can be configured to clean multiple products with solvent, water, or both cleaning media through a high-pressure jet or brushes.


The most sustainable solution for cleaning IBC's (plastic or metallic), mixing tanks and drums. Thanks to it's lean design, BascaLC can suit your needs and increase your production performance and safety instantly. BascaLC can be confifured for cleanign with solvent, water, or both cleaning media through a high-pressure jet.



Washing Machine

Developed for cleaning drums (open top and 2" holes), buckets, and totes. BascaDrums is the easiest way to clean and reduce time. BascaDrums can be configured to clean multiple products with solvent, water or both cleaning media through medium and high pressure, internally and externally using jet spraying and nozzles. 


Washing Machine

Confortable and portable solution to clean IBC's and fixed tanks around the facility. Basca Mobile washing machine can be configured according to your specific needs and work with different types of pumps and cleaning media. Basca Mobile can be equipped with its own stocking tank for recirculation of the washing media.

BascaMobile (1).JPG


Washing Machine

BascaBins is a compact automatic cleaning machine for bins and buckets. Specially design to be transportable and easy to operate. BascaBins is fully pneumatic and incorporates its own stocking tank for closed loop cleaning of up to 300 containers.

Effluent Treatment Systems (ETS)

Basca collaborates with major effluent treatment systems to treat cleaning media after cleaning cycles, offering full automation integration with Basca Washing Machines or as stand-alone machines to recover effluents from several processes. Effluent treatment systems combined with Basca Washing Machines offer up to 95% media recovery rate.

Basca Eco Cleaner.jpg

Basca Eco Cleaner

We are able to supply chemicals for industrial process like cleaning and water treatment processes, providing assistance, cleaning test or water analysis to define the best solution for your specific needs and the correct work of your equipment. All our products are certified and can be delivered worldwide at the best prices guarantee.

Spare Parts

We provide full spare parts kits for Basca Washing machines and high-quality alternative spare parts kit for other global Washing Machines and ETS OEM's with a best price guarantee policy. We supply commercial components from top class manufacturers and on-design special spare parts to ensure you buy from a single supplier all you need.

Discover industry insight, the latest news from world most important trade shows, case studies, and tips and facts on how to clean your container

Are you in for a solution?

At Basca we think that the right approach is to provide you with all the information needed so you can make a smart decision, whether it's convenient or not to implement an automatic washing machine to clean your tanks and containers.

That is why we have developed two different tools that can help you make a choice. The Cleaning Sustainability Test helps you acknowledge how sustainable your cleaning operations are in comparison to industry leaders, while the Basca Value Report helps you learn and notice how much you are spending for cleaning operations and compare them with Basca Cleaning Equipment.

Cleaning Sustainability Test

Rate the efficiency of your container and tank cleaning operations: we will give you an effective solution to improve it immediately. The Cleaning Sustainability Test will take you just 1 minute with, 5 simple questions multiple choice answer.

Basca Value Report

Download a MS Excel to calculate the actual cost of cleaning tanks and containers and compare them with a Basca automatic washing machine. The file is easy to use, supports different currencies, provides different graphics including cost division, cumulative gain and ROI.



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