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  • 3 minute average cleaning time

  • 80% Less waste disposal

  • 75% Workforce reduction

  • Cost efficient

  • Modular design

  • Easy to install

  • Compact Layout

  • Versatile

Suitable for:
  • Size (LxWxH): 1500x3000x3500mm 

  • Electric Supply: 3x400V - 50Hz (different on request)

  • Power: 5.5KW up to 20KW (based on configuration) 

  • Electrical insulation: IP55

  • Air Supply: 7 Bar

  • Cycle Process: Programmable via Touch Screen

  • Washing Pressure: 6 Bar up to 500 Bar

  • Media max temp: 80°C

  • Filtering System: N°2 Bag filters with s/steel case

  • PLC controlled cycle with intuitive HMI

  • Complete with 2006/42/EC requested safety devices

  • Average Media Consumption: 15 to 25 Lt/cycle

  • Size (LxWxH): 1500x3000x3500mm 

  • Fully Pneumatic: 3200lt/min @ 6,3 Bar

  • Air Supply: 7 Bar

  • Cycle Process: Programmable 

  • Washing Pressure: 6bar up to 40bar

  • Media max temp: 70°C

  • Filtering System: N°1 Bag filters with s/steel case

  • Pneumati control panel with logic

  • Complete with CE 2006/42/CE requested safety devices

  • EX-proof version available

  • Average Media Consumption: 3 to 5 Lt/cycle

System Function
Preparing to Wash
- IBC or Mixing Tank

The operator places the container to be washed into the machine, connects the machine return hose to the tank valve, moves down the washing head pushing simultaneously the double button control. The cover stops automatically once the washing head is in correct position. On solvent based machines, the operator must connect the ground clamp before STARTING the cycle. Push the START button  to commence the cycle.

- Drums or Open Top Containers

The operator places the drum or bucket to be washed over the cleaning platform, places the container lock to secure the drum. Pushes the START button  to start the cycle.

Washing Cycle

After START has been pushed, the machine checks if all sensors signals are OK then begins to wash. The washing media is sucked from its tank into the washing pump and then to the washing head. Thanks to the head motion, that covers a 360° area, the media is sprayed all over the inner tank surface. Washing media is filtered and recirculated in closed loop till the end. Thanks to different recipes the cleaining cycle is adapted to washing media and container.

Rinsing Cycle 

Rinsing is performed automatically,  after washing, with clean media sucked  from a second storage tank or directly from the net (if water is used), injected into the main pump and into the washing head. Rinsing media is filtered and collected into the washing liquid storage tank or into a specific tank.

End of cycle

At the end of the cycle the machine stops and a visual signal on the control panel informs the operator. Now the container is clean and can be removed from the machine.

Regular Maintenance

Basca machines are easy to run and to mantain. The machine is equipped with devices and signals to inform the operator when maintenance is required and what is needed to do.

  • Stocking tanks of different volume equipped with level controls

  • Heating system for stocking tanks 

  • Different models of washing pumps to achieve best performance

  • Full stainless steel body

  • Automatic effluents treatment system integration to recycle and reuse cleaning media

  • Multiple washing/rinsing circuits to reduce cross contamination


Basca cleaning test are available for a test with your products and your tanks. Book your trial NOW!



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