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BascaLC - Solvent Cleaning Machine

Basca Lean Clean washing machines are the most sustainable IBC and vessel washing machines available in the market. Basca Lean Clean concept reduces to minimum necessary the number of machine components needed to perform an excellent cleaning of IBC and mixing vessels, reducing the cost of the machine and making it more sustainable for application in developing markets. The modularity of BascaLC gives client the possibility to upgrade machine and add extra optionals to improve cleaning, like: stainless steel tanks, drum cleaning platform, rinsing and prewash. BascaLC can work with water or solvent. In case of solvent, the machine is fully pneumatic and withstands to ATEX standards and certifications. Washing with solvents can be done in low pressure 8 bar - 60 lt/min flow or Medium pressure 30 bar - 40 lt/min flow depending on what is needed to clean.



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