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Basca3T - Experience the new containers cleaning machine

Basca3T is the Basca washing machine that allows you to clean multiple types of containers for storage and transport (IBC, drums, baskets, totes, barrels, etc.). The washing is carried out with high pressure and hot water to obtain the best possible result. The machine, of simple construction, offers unsurpassed washing versatility with high value to your company. In this video we will show you the machine, how simple it is to install and use the three washing technologies that characterize this machine: washing the containers with the washing platform, consisting of a rotating nozzle and a platform that collects the dirt on open top containers; a rotating washing nozzle capable of washing inside closed containers like IBC's at 360°; and the manual washing lance with stop & go system. All at a pressure of 150 Bar and a temperature up to 80°C.



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