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Which is the best way to clean a container?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Different Cleaning Effects

During the cleaning process of containers and tanks, multiple washing effects can be applied to obtain a clean surface. This effects can be applied singularly or mixed in order to obtain the best quality, avoid cross-contamination, guarantee a repeatable process and reduce the time employed to clean containers

Direct Impact effect

The impact has a good cleaning effect, especially at short distances. The dirty surface is removed due to the high kinetic energy of the droplets coming from the nozzle. Therefore big droplets that travel at a high speed are required. This can be used for removing coatings, inks, powders, etc. Which are difficult to remove and cannot be dissolved in the cleaning medium. The cleaning effect of impact is reduced when the droplets have to travel longer distances before hitting the tank or container walls. This is because they lose speed and tend to disintegrate into smaller droplets. Any obstacle between tank cleaning nozzle and tank wall reduces the impact of media.

Free-Falling effect

A free-falling film is created by the liquid when it runs down a tank or container wall. When the film is thick enough there are turbulences inside it which create shear forces that are able to clean medium to easy remove coating, inks, oil, powders, etc.

Chemical Cleaning effect

The chemical cleaning effect takes part in almost all tank cleaning applications because either the dirt agent is dissolved in the cleaning medium or the bonding between soil and tank surface is reduced.

Mechanical Brushes Effect

Moving brushes contacting dirty surfaces, apply a mechanical effect over dirty surfaces on tanks or containers. The friction produced by the brushes removes soil particles stack to the surface that can later be removed by the free-falling effect of a small quantity of washing media.

Foam Effect

The true purpose of foam is to provide contact time on a soiled surface to allow the wetting agents, detergents, and degreasers enough time to do their jobs. Foam is most adequate effect to clean vertical surface which can't be covered constantly by other effects.

Basca supports customers by carrying out specific tests with our innovative machines and different washing conditions. This allows us to determine the best cleaning solution for your products.

Are you in for a solution to clean your tanks or containers? Rate the efficiency of your cleaning operations: we will give you an effective solution to improve it immediately.



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