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What is better: cleaning with cold water vs hot water

In daily life we do several cleanings: dirty hands, dirty clothes or objects. Depending on the kind of dirt you need to clean you decide how to proceed. Cold or hot water, light or aggressive detergent. You should do the same for your company and your container and tank cleaning process.

The chemistry behind hot water cleaning process

Physical and chemical reactions are influenced by temperature. Since high temperature causes water molecules to move around faster, it causes also the hydrogen bonds between them to form and to break at a higher rate (that is why hot water vaporizes more quickly than cold water). In addition, the high temperature increases water energy and this energy may be used to break bonds between dirt and a specific area for which colder water does not have enough power. This means that the hot water is able to dissolve the dirt faster and better, because the detergent-water bonds and detergent-dirt bonds form faster and will be strong enough to prevent the dirt from reforming the bonds in the area. As mentioned earlier, these bonds also break faster, but the presence of a detergent helps to stabilize the solution and keep the dirt dissolved in the water.

Basca’s solutions

Now it’s time to make a choice for your container and tank cleaning equipment: hot or cold water? Your decision will influence the final result.

Basca helps you to choose the right solutions. Depending on your needs, what kind of dirt you need to clean and what kind of tanks, Basca suggests you cold water, cold water with detergent, hot water or hot water with detergent.

Basca’s container and tank equipment are the best solutions for you company.



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