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What you should know about Achema 2018

Achema is leading event for chemistry, biotechnology, and process engineering industry, it takes place in Frankfurt Messe every 3 years, the 2018 appointment is from the 11th till 15th of June. Inside you can find over 3800 exhibitors and more than 125,000 visitors from more than 100 countries.

You can find state of the art solutions for the chemical industry, from seal to process control devices, safety equipment, production equipment up to waste management solutions, all in one place.

A large number of visitors have probably a common problem to solve: cleaning their IBC's and Tanks in a sustainable way. Basca provides most advanced solutions to support customers worldwide to clean tanks and containers efficiently, minimizing cleaning media and recycling the effluents generated during this process.

Basca will launch by the end of the year a new solution to clean IBC's and tanks with innovative technology that allows internal and external cleaning combined with tanks inspection system. This revolutionary system will change the way of thinking about IBC's and tank cleaning, responding to industries demand of high cleaning quality, limited footprint and Industry 4.0 standards. This modern and compact equipment will have a production capacity up to 200 IBS's or tanks per day.

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