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New BascaLC S30-40 delivered in France

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

We are pleased to announce that recently Basca has installed a brand new BascaLC S30-40 solvent cleaner machine for IBCs and portable vessels. The machine will improve the production capacity of specialized coatings that was bottle necked by their capacity to supply clean vessels.

BascaLC machine will also help operators to avoid close contact with solvent whilst performing cleaning activities as well as reducing the use of solvents to 5L per container in only 3 minutes cleaning cycle. The payback time of the machines is calculated in 6 months thanks to the cost reduction related to time, solvent consumption and disposing, non tangible cost linked to quality insurance and safety can be seen immediately after machine installation.

The machine is equipped with two pumps, the first one to inject solvent into the IBC or vessel and the second to drain out the solvent from the container. The machines is also equipped with a tilting platform to help draining out solvent of the container. The whole system is ATEX rated and works with pneumatics to avoid use of electronics and reduce eventual risks of explosion.

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