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Paintistanbul & Turkcoat 2018

Updated: May 19, 2018

During 22 - 23 - 24 March 2018 it took place Paintistanbul & Turkcoat Exhibition, the 7th International Paint, Paint Raw Materials, Construction Chemicals and Adhesives Raw Materials, Laboratory and Production Equipment Exhibition and Congress. This event is organized by The Association of Turkish Paint Industry (BOSAD) gathering the Paint, Building Chemicals and Insulation Industry once again.

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Istanbul has been a commercial center for more than 3.000 years and with its population of more than 15 million and its growing economy, it is among the significant center of the economy of the World and region in geographic, geopolitics and commercial terms. Paintistanbul & Turkcoat 2018 Exhibition and Congress organized with International Participation is known as an ideal organization for the expanding paint and raw materials industry.

Having 238 direct exhibitors coming from 16 different countries and 539 represented exhibitors, Paintistanbul & Turkcoat Exhibition has been organized in 2018 enabling 777 companies and company representatives come together under the same roof. The exhibition was held at 3 Halls and the main foyer at a gross area of 25.000 m2 and a net area of 10.000 m2. It has hosted different companies from all over the World especially Turkey, China, Italy, Germany and India reaching out 6.682 professional visitors of whom 897 were foreigners from 40 countries such as Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Algeria, Georgia, Libya, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Egypt, Portugal, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, and Jordan for 3 days.

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This was a great opportunity for OEM's looking for a solution to clean their tank and containers, due to the amount of service and product manufacturers like Basca who exhibit promoting their products specially design for this purpose.

Tanks and containers are strategic in the Ink, paint and adhesive industry, they are widely used to mix, stock and transport raw materials and final products. Tanks and containers must be always clean after the production to avoid cross-contamination and improve quality of end products. Unfortunately, the washing process of tanks and containers are not an easy task to perform, multiple operators are involved and due to the direct exposure of operators, it is usually an unsafe labor operation.

This is one of the reasons why Basca has developed innovative cleaning equipment, to avoid the risk operators employed in this type of operations are subject to. With Basca washing machines for industrial containers, the operators are not directly in contact with chemicals or washing media, the washing is performed in an automatic way. Also, the time to wash a container or IBC is reduced by an 80% and only one operator is needed to control up to 3 washing machines.

Are you in for a solution to clean your tanks or containers? Rate the efficiency of your cleaning operations: we will give you an effective solution to improve it immediately.

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