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U.S. paint and coatings industry expected to exceed $26 billion in 2020

The U.S. coatings industry enters 2018 anticipating that its long period of growth will continue. As the United States continues to recover from the housing market collapse in 2007, the paint and coatings market is expected to grow in tandem with the construction sector, with increases in both volume and value. On the OEM side, the combination of strong domestic demand and improved export opportunities resulting from the fall of the value of the dollar will fuel demand for increased U.S. durable goods and industrial coatings.

According to the ACA Industry Market Analysis, 9th Edition (2014-2019), the U.S. paint and coatings industry is expected to reach a value of $26.4 billion in 2020. Compound annual dollar growth is forecast to be 3.2 percent, resulting in a 2020 industry value of $26.4 billion. At 60% of volume and 49% of value in 2016, the architectural segment continues to be the largest component of U.S. coatings demand. The report also forecasts a 2015-20 Compound Annual Growth Rate of 3.5 % (value) and 3.3% (volume) in that segment, aided by continued strength in construction, particularly residential. This compares with 2.3% and 2.0% growth in value and volume, respectively, for OEM, and 1.1% (value) and 0.4 % (volume) for Special Purpose finishes.

Total U.S. Coatings Sales in Volume and Value (2007-2017f).

OEM coatings are in continuous growth

The outlook for OEM coatings is generally upbeat, too. Traditionally, the most critical segment of the OEM coatings category has been motor vehicle manufacturing, which shows continued strength. Other manufacturing end-use markets, such as aerospace, have recovered since the end of the recession, reflecting strong demand for air travel, and the upgrading or replacement of fleets by air carriers around the world.

OEM Coatings End Markets by Volume (362MM gallons, 2016).

A key driver for OEM coatings end users is operational efficiency. Things that improve productivity at customers’ painting operations, such as weton-wet applications, reduced labor, faster cycle times, etc., are valued by OEM customers. OEMs are running leaner operations than ever before, meaning that productivity and cost are huge factors. Coatings offering increased efficiency are advantaged in this market.

Top 10 Global Coatings Producers (2016 Business Performance in $ billions)

These features – assuming equivalent performance – include fewer coats, thinner films, or both faster drying and curing, energy savings (e.g., drying/curing with lower energy), and multi-functionality (e.g., combining aesthetic appeal and antimicrobial properties, protective + fireresistant, etc.).

Basca aims to transfer OEM's features like 70% washing media reduction, 80% less waste disposal, 2 minute time to clean containers, repeatable cleaning quality, and secure labor. This features can help improve quality and represent a significant reduction of cost linked to cleaning operations, adding value to end products and supporting the growth of coating industry.

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About the ACA Industry Market Analysis

The American Coatings Association’s (ACA) recently updated Industry Market Analysis, 9th Edition (2014-2019) is an indispensable tool for coatings marketers and suppliers. This publication has long been the leading industry market study and now provides updated forecasts to 2020. The publication profiles the coatings industry’s 19 market sectors, offering insightful analysis and providing projections for sector performance.

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