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Honey bucket washing

Discover how our client APIMIEL (Switzerland), honey producer, has improved the process of washing buckets, reducing cost related to washing process of 66,8% increasing cleaning quality, operator safety and gain.

Initial situation

Apimiel has the need to wash about 30 buckets per day, the initial situation involved an operator to clean manually the buckets in a washbay. The customer said to us “I want to improve my cleaning process and not wasting anymore operator’s time with low value activities” The low value activity he was talking about had a cost related to 1h per day of operato’s time, that’s exceeding € 9.000 per year (€/h 37,50). In addition the water usage per bucket was about 10l, that makes 72.000l of water wasted.

The solution

Basca supported the client to analyze facts and figures of his situation, suggesting possible solutions to wash the buckets in automatic, enviro friendly and safe way. Then a washing test at Basca facilities has been done to find the most suitable machine configuration. Once the desired machine configuration has been finalized, we have supplied a BascaBins Washing Machine equipped with a pneumatic pump to spray the water on the bucket surface granting a perfect cleaning in less than 20 seconds!

The water consumption dropped to 1l per bucket with an yearly water saving of 64.800l.

The whole system is managed by an operator in about 20 minutes/day, which allowed the company to let him perform other tasks, thanks to time savings, generating great value for the company itself.

Results obtained

Cost of maual bucket wash € 11.520 per year

Cost of automatic wash with BascaBins € 3.816 per year

Savings € 7.704 per year

Payback time less than 12 months


Productivity increase: a greater number of tanks that can be washed.

Efficiency increase: less resources usage and controllable processes.

Labor cost reduction: reduction of low added value activities.

Increased safety: no more risk if injury related to wet washbay

Greater flexibility: the ability to wash different types of containers

Large savings: Washing with BascaBins is more sustainable and much cheaper



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