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European Coating Show 2023: what's new from BASCA

Basca will participate at European Coating Show: March 28-30, 2023, at the Nuremberg exhibition centre. ECS is the international exhibition dedicated to the paints, coatings, sealants, printing inks, additives, adhesives and construction chemicals industry.

On this stage that Basca will introduce three important new additions to products portfolio.

In its second participation, in the last edition as an innovative start-up, Basca will introduce:

  • BascaLC for washing industrial containers

  • BascaREC for solvent distillation

  • Innovative ecological washing cleaner

BascaLC: improving washing operations

Basca is an innovative company that aims to make the process of cleaning containers and tanks environmentally friendly and more sustainable.

We are convinced that manual washing is not sustainable and is dangerous for workers.

We want to reduce waste and pollution doing right for the environment, a mission that will be indispensable for industrial development in the future.

We want to help our customers reducing the cost of purchasing and disposing of washing fluids, optimizing operations and improving results.

With this in mind, we designed BascaLC.

BascaLC is the washing system for portable mixing tanks and IBCs soiled with paints, inks or other solvent-based or water-based chemicals.

LC stands for Lean Clean: it is the concept of Lean applied to the washing machine. It means creating maximum customer value at minimum cost by reducing time, energy and effort devoted to washing operations.

What are the characteristics of BascaLC?

  • Average cleaning time of 3 minutes

  • 80% reduction in wastewater volume

  • 75% reduction in workforce

  • improving the safety and quality of work

  • modular design and compact layout

  • easy installation.

BascaLC can be configured based on the customer's washing needs such as size of containers to be washed, level of automation, washing power.

Sustainability in washing processes.

Another important innovation that Basca will introduce at the European Coating Show is an innovative ecological washing cleaner, unique in the world!

More than just a cleaner, it is an innovative washing concept. A concept involving the combination of a water-based fluid used for washing containers with specific flow and pressure, characteristics that Basca machines can provide.

A product that cleans like a solvent, but has important advantages:

  • non-flammable

  • non-corrosive

  • is not dangerous to the user because it is nontoxic and non-carcinogenic.

It also operates at room temperature and has only 6.5% VOC.

The cleaner penetrates and changes the surface tension of contaminants, causing them to detach from the substrate and improving cleaning performance.

It has natural separation properties: lighter contaminants float to the surface, while heavier contaminants sink. This process increases fluid life and significantly reduces waste.

Full recovery cycle: washing and distillation

The third news: BascaREC, for solvent distillation and wastewater treatment. BascaRec technology combines with the washing machine for a complete recovery cycle.

Recovering spent water and solvents in a fully automatic and constant manner

  • Reduces waste generated by up to 95%

  • Reduces the purchase of solvents by up to 90%

  • Reduces water consumption by up to 90%.

In a circular economy, reducing waste, pollutant inputs to the environment, and reusing wash fluids is fundamental.

Basca invites you to European Coating Show to talk together about sustainable washing processes: find us in Hall 4, booth 4-208.



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