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5 advantages of automizing your cleaning process of tanks and containgers that you may not know

1. Increase value-generating activities

Manual washing operations involve up to 3 or 4 operators in low added value activities, by automating the cleaning process you can use elsewhere generating value!

2. 80% waste reduction

In manual washes more than 200lt per container are used, thanks to process automation it is possible to control and reduce it to less than 30l.

3. Sustainability

Thanks to the optimization of consumption, the volume of waste water disposed is reduced by 70%

4. -99% bacterial proliferation and contamination

The automation of the washing guarantees a repeatable and always compliant process!

5. 100% traceability of the washing process

The information obtained from the automatic washing process can be process and trace information about the cleaning process, this is industry 4.0!

Thanks to the automation of the cleaing process we guarantee the full #SUSTAINABILITY of the production cycle.



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