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  • Production of up to 30 containers per hour.

  • 80% Less waste disposal

  • 90% Workforce reduction

  • Improve safety and quality

  • Modular design

Suitable for:
  • Electric Supply: 3x400V - 50Hz (different on request)

  • Power: Starting from 5.5KW  (based on configuration) 

  • Electrical insulation: IP55

  • Air Supply: 7 Bar

  • Cycle Process: Programmable via Touch Screen

  • Washing Pressure: 6 Bar up to 250 Bar

  • Media max temp: 80°C

  • Filtering System: N°2 Bag filters with s/steel case

  • PLC controlled cycle with intuitive HMI

  • Complete with 2006/42/EC requested safety devices

  • Average Media Consumption: 15 to 25 Lt/cycle

  • N/A

BascaLine modular configuration

Basca concept is to design modular systems that con be configured based on client needs and specification. BascaLine follows this same concept and can be design using different modules to adapt the machine to suit most demanding cleaning request. The machine can be configured with the following modules:

Inlet conveyor 

The loading station will accept IBCs that will be loaded by means of a forklift. Once the sensor detect the presence of the IBC the conveyor move the IBC in the next station automatically.

Buffering station

The buffering station stocks loaded IBCs waiting to move to next stations giving the possibility to operator to load a certain number and avoid waiting time.

Cover removal and valve opening station

In this station the operator removes the cover and opens the bottom valve, then press the button tho let the IBC move ahead. If the cover is not removed the IBC will not move and the system gives the information to the operator.

Outside cleaning

The tote enters a cabinet where a group of nozzles sprays water over the external surfaces of the IBC. The water goes to a collection tank on the bottom of the cabin where it will be drain out by a pump and sent to a stocking tank. The outside wash cycle is programmable. Water temperature can heated up to 90°C. 

Inside cleaning

The IBC moves to the inside cleaning machine where the cycle is performed by dropping inside the container a high pressure rotary nozzle which sprays water over the internal surface. The wash can be performed with hot water or detergents sucked from a stocking tank and recirculated.

Emptying station

N.1 positions is preapred for the inside emptying of the IBC. The station are equipped with tilting system and the operator can suck out the leftover water by means of a liquid vaucum equipment.

Valve closing & Leak test

After drying the IBC moves into the valve closing & biocide spray station where the operator should close the valve before leak test. Once the valve is closed the operator press a button and the biocide is sprayed automatically, then the IBC moves to leak test station. IBC can perform the leak test. The head moves down and the IBC is inflated with air then waiting time. During waiting time a sensor detects if there is any drop of pressure give by a hole or a crack into the IBC walls (min hole detection size 1 mm) In case the IBC does not pass the test it will be pushed to the conveyor with discarded totes.

Outlet Conveyors

Sensors stop the last container in unloading position where the operator will remove it from the line by means of a forklift.

  • Stocking tanks of different volume equipped with level controls

  • Heating system for stocking tanks 

  • Different models of washing pumps to achieve best performance

  • Full stainless steel body

  • External cleaning

  • Automatic effluents treatment system integration to recycle and reuse cleaning media

  • Remote assistance for just in time service

  • Suspended control panel enclosure to grant more comfortable HMI

  • Multiple washing/rinsing circuits to reduce cross contamination

  • Integration of automatic containers handling system to optimize loading and unloading operations 


Basca trial machines are available for a test with your products and your tanks. Book your trial NOW!



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