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Basca is your choice for container and tank cleaning equipment. 

Who we are?

Basca is an innovative company aiming to make your container and tank cleaning process enviro-friendly and more sustainable.

What we do?

Cleaning equipment for industrial tanks and containers, automatically integrated with effluent treatment systems.

Why we do this?

There are a million reasons, here are the most important for us...

  • Manual cleaning is not sustainable and unsafe for workers;

  • We care about the environment and want to do something to reduce waste and pollution; 

  • You probably spend a lot of money on washing fluids and waste disposal, spend a lot of time and energy and do not get the results you expect.


Discover the full range of Basca Products

Basca offers a wide range of cleaning machines for industrial containers and tank, effluent treatment systems for water and solvents, speciality chemicals and a whole range of spare parts for cleaning machines and other industrial applications.

Are you dealing with these conditions?

Consuming huge amounts of cleaning media

Manual operation or simple cleaning systems are consuming large amounts of water, chemicals or solvents. They appear the most economic ones, but at the end of the day your money has been wasted and the quality achieved is not uniform and constant. Container and Tank cleaning operations can be improved by applying an automatic cleaning machine.

Dirty container and tank cleaning area means bad cleaning quality

Is your wash bay tidy and clean? Think about it for a while... Dirty cleaning areas lead to poor and bad cleaning quality. You cannot make something clean if you are surrounded by a bad environment. Container and tank cleaning operations must be performed on a defined space, clean and organized.

Unsafe container and tank cleaning labor

What about safety? Are you doing enough to grant a safe environment to work in? If people work in a safe and healthy environment, following simple and clear procedures you will benefit in terms of productivity and profitability.  Basca container and tank cleaning equipment avoid operators from direct contact with hazardous substances. 

Insane waste disposal bills from container and tank cleaning

Industrial processes generate waste, this is unavoidable. Waste reduction is possible, Basca will help you decrease your waste generation from container and tank cleaning operations making your business more sustainable...and your bills lighter.

Are you in for a solution?

At Basca we think that the right approach is to provide you with all the information needed so you can make a smart decision, whether it's convenient or not to implement an automatic washing machine to clean your tanks and containers.

That is why we have developed two different tools that can help you make a choice. The Cleaning Sustainability Test helps you acknowledge how sustainable your cleaning operations are in comparison to industry leaders, while the Basca Value Report helps you learn and notice how much you are spending for cleaning operations and compare them with Basca Cleaning Equipment.

Cleaning Sustainability Test

Rate the efficiency of your container and tank cleaning operations: we will give you an effective solution to improve it immediately. The Cleaning Sustainability Test will take you just 1 minute with, 5 simple questions multiple choice answer.

Basca Value Report

Download a MS Excel to calculate the actual cost of cleaning tanks and containers and compare them with a Basca automatic washing machine. The file is easy to use, supports different currencies, provides different graphics including cost division, cumulative gain and ROI.

Discover industry insight, the latest news from world most important trade shows, case studies, and tips and facts on how to clean your container

We can provide you a solution for a sustainable cleaning of your industrial tanks and containers



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